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Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

about my test

hello friend! I am very happy because the test was finished!hihiw
so I'm always learning to get a perfect score, hehe hopefully I get a perfect score! amiiinn..............
friends, please help me pray okee.I was scared, I got bad grades .... but I have to try and do not despair yayaya.
I'll tell about the test, my exam number is 8201152 hehe memorized! I was in the room 4.murid 8d is there only ira, Naufal, kristian, Esar,hamzah, ical, Fatur, melyn, nabila, ela, pandu, me, rangga, Reva, sandi, saskia , Jarot, Sudin, and tomy, the rest are in the 3.they all help me! yippyy..thank you all
OK guys, I'm confused what to write ahahaha have thanks for read this post ..

hankir 8201152

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