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Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

My new friend who was a child

when I visit my mom's office ,suddenly I saw a little girl who is very funny.
she was very pretty, cute, and her face a mixture of American and Indonesia is very impressive.I want to have a face like her! hehehe...

okay back, her name is cookie
she is very smart proficient in English or Indonesia.I think he is a smart kid but she was a bit aggressive. me and she kept running, running after each other, after that we played wkkkk. when playing the computer, she was very pleased
but I can not linger to play with her because I had to study for exams tomorrow.
at 17:30 o'clock he returned to his grandmother's house .
me and my sister is very sad, now the room feels empty . huhuhuhhu bye-bye cookie .......
I'm glad to see you, hopefully we meet again <3

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